CX Book Club: Punk CX with Adrian Swinscoe

In his book, Punk CX, industry thought leader Adrian Swinscoe warns that the increased focus on how we structure customer service and experience has overshadowed the original focus of CX: the customer. "The CX space is starting to exhibit some of the same characteristics as prog rock...namely it's becoming overly technical, benchmarked, frame-worked, measured, codified, certified, specialized, and functionalized," Adrian writes.

According to Adrian, we're in need of a CX revolution—a move back to the basics and away from the formulaic and detached way we engage with our customers—since the current method of engagement more often than not leaves customers disappointed.

Watch now to hear Adrian's take on the following:

  • Digital evolution v. digital transformation
  • The notion of the frictionless experience
  • Automation with a human touch