CX Book Club: Enable Better Service with Aarde Cosseboom

The customer service industry cannot afford to be stagnant. Customer expectations are evolving, and the advent of a pandemic has done nothing if not speed up this evolution. In order to keep pace with these changing needs, businesses must alter the structure, goals, and practices of their customer experience teams. 

Join Aarde Cosseboom, Sr. Director of GMS Technology, Product, and Analytics at TechStyle, customer experience expert, and author of Enable Better Service, as he dissects why creating frictionless customer interactions is so challenging in this day and age and what organizations are doing to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Aarde covers: 

  • Current obstacles to creating great customer experiences.
  • The "service onion."
  • How customer expectations have evolved.
  • What companies are doing to keep up with these elevated standards and how third-party vendors like Airkit fit into their strategy.