On-Demand Webinar: The Future of CX with Low-Code

Watch this on-demand webinar where Stephen Ehikian, Co-Founder & CEO of Airkit, moderates a discussion with CX business leaders from EZR (now Reusability), First Republic Bank, and Turo. They'll share how they are innovating their organizations' customer experience for today's digital-first consumers.

Learn how low-code is allowing these organizations to:

  • Launch and test new digital experiences in days instead of months.
  • Modernize legacy systems without having to rip and replace.
  • Customize look/feel, leverage customer data, and connect to existing systems.

Hear from Experts Who are Leading the Charge

This panel of experts features change agents and practitioners from Banking, Consumer Services and Logistics. 

Nina Bigornia, Program Director, Process Improvement

Jeff Chen, Senior Technology Manager

Khalid Alali, Business Operations


Stephen Ehikian, Co-Founder & CEO