ActualTechMedia EcoCast: Finding the CX Solution That's Right for You

Prior to Airkit, the reverse logistics and reusable packaging solutions company, Reusability, was faced with lengthy development cycles, a lack of automation, and no connection between its existing systems and their CX. With the help of Airkit and a top-notch IT team, Reusability built a 100% digital self-service journey that delivered 140% ROI in the first six months.

Watch this 20-minute session featuring Airkit's Chief Marketing Officer, John Koo, and Solutions Consultant and former Reusability team member, Jeff Chen, for a discussion around the intersection of IT and CX. They'll cover:

  • A look at the Airkit and Reusability partnership.
  • How IT and CX impact an organization's line of business.
  • How to evaluate which CX solution is right for you.