Airkit Demo: Digital Engagement to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Meet Airkit, the world's first low-code customer engagement platform.

These days, interacting with customers is an increasingly digital-first relationship, and not all organizations are set up for success. For many, the seamless, omnichannel digital experience their customers require is out of reach. Airkit empowers businesses to meet these expectations by empowering businesses to build timely, hyper-personalized customer journeys at a much faster pace, ultimately increasing their customer lifetime value.

Watch this product demo to get a look at how Airkit enables organizations to boost customer retention and growth. We'll cover:

  • The importance of low-code in customer experience building.
  • A tour of the Airkit platform.
  • How to build journeys to improve renewal efforts, upsell/cross-sell communications, prevent churn, and win back lost customers.