CXPA Webinar Presented by Airkit: Digital Experience and the Importance of Customer Memory

While a transition to digital customer experience has been on the horizon for many companies, rising customer expectations and the onset of COVID-19 have shortened the timeline to digital. Faster, smoother, more personalized interactions are now an expectation of digital customer engagement which a majority of organizations are still struggling to meet.

Hear from CEO and Co-Founder of Beyond Philosophy, Colin Shaw, and Chief Strategy Officer at ERC, Stephanie Todd, on how to successfully tackle digital transformation and what factors to keep in mind when building out your customer engagement strategy.

They'll provide:

  • Tactical advice on building a "human touch" into digital experiences.
  • When and how to think about emotion in digital engagement.
  • Examples of both exceptional and lackluster personal interactions as customers.
  • Predictions for the future of customer engagement.