CX Book Club: "Customer Understanding" by Annette Franz

The latest installment of the Airkit virtual book club features Annette Franz, an internationally-recognized CX coach, consultant and speaker. If you don't know what a service blueprint or future-state map are, you're in the right place!

Watch this On-Demand Webinar where Annette presents insights from her book, "Customer Understanding." Over the course of this 60-minute recording, you'll learn:

  • The three main approaches to connecting with customers.
  • The difference between touchpoint maps and journey maps.
  • How to set up workshops with internal stakeholders.

Check the box in the form to request a quick intro meeting with Airkit and we'll send you a free hard copy of "Customer Understanding" while supplies last!

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Khalid Alali
Sr. Manager of Business Ops | Turo

“Our main goal is to improve CX while reducing cost. This means increasing self-service. Customers are happy when their issues are resolved quickly, not necessarily when they speak to an agent.”

Jeff Blecher
Chief Strategy Officer | Agero

“Motor clubs and fleets, which manage numerous roadside assistance programs for their clients, need to be able to deliver engaging, branded experiences in a way that is scalable and standardized.”

Jeff Chen
Senior Technology Manager | EZR

"Our team is able to customize CX interactions via Airkit and make different features unique to each individual customer."